The Bakery

Make Some Dough!


- (10.27.2015) Grand Opening! For this week, the earn 0.06 BTC for every referral instead of 0.05 BTC.

What Is This?

This onion has one goal - to make us both some money.
It works like this: to join our community, you must pay 0.1 BTC and send us an email with the address you sent the money from. You may also add a referral code in case you were reffered to the community by an existing member. You will have to send the email from a .onion address (links will be included at the bottom of the page). We will then proceed to add you to our list and send you an email with your own unique referral code. For each person that joins our community using your referral code, you will earn 0.05 BTC (50%). As you can see, after referring 2 new members you will have fully returned your investment so that any additional referred member generates profit.
We issue payouts every two days. If we know we won't be able to pay at a certain date, a notice will be posted on this onion.

Is This Legit?

Well, that is a hard question to answer. This is a service on the "deepnet", which is known for fraud, scams and few legit services. We assure you that we are trustworthy and 100% legit, but due to the limitations of anonymity, there is no real way for us to prove that to you. If you want to join, then do. If you don't, don't.

How Can I Join?

As we specified in the first section, joining is simple. All you need to do is to send us a payment (to the address at the bottom) of exactly 0.1 BTC - any smaller payment will be ignored! That means, if you usually pay a transaction fee of 0.0001 BTC you should send us 0.1001 BTC so we receive exactly 0.1 BTC. After that, send us an email containing your referral code (if you were referred here), and the address from which you issued the payment. We will then send you a confirmation email (in maximum 2 days time, usually 1) containing your own referral code. You should give this code to everyone you refer to this site.

Anything Else?

You should send us an email from a hidden service such as TorBox or SIGAINT. If you don't have such an address, create one.
If you'll contact us asking for reviews or feedback about our service, we won't be able to provide any at the moment since this is a new service (October 2015). We would, however, like to hear any comments or suggestions you might have.
If you send us anything short of 0.1 BTC, your payment will be ignored. If you send anything over 0.1 BTC, we would consider it a tip and register you as if you payed 0.1 BTC.


Bitcoin Address : 15pSomiv116PhyvLhR2nM4979HHk4FHytS
Email Address : thebakery@sigaintevyh2rzvw.onion